Borrow eBooks, Audiobooks and More

Stream or download titles to your own device

OverDrive and the Libby App

You will need your library card number and PIN/password (the default is OCLN)  

Find titles by using the OverDrive website or download the Libby App to your device. 

Note: OverDrive is our vendor for eBooks and audiobooks. Libby is OverDrive's app.


You will need to create a hoopla account (email and password). Begin by logging in with your your library card number and PIN/password (the default is OCLN).

Once signed in, you can borrow titles through the hoopla mobile app or the website. Borrowed titles are accessed by clicking on "My hoopla" on the website or in the hoopla app. hoopla is for Sharon cardholders only. Patrons may borrow up to three (3) items per month.